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Porta-Blast is a range of portable blasting ventilation dust collectors, painting ventilation systems and abrasive recovery equipment all designed for on site use. Porta-Blast equipment is built into standard 20 and 40 foot shipping containers. The equipment is bolt together design to allow simple disassembly and reassembly. When relocation between worksites is required the equipment is disassembled and packed inside the shipping container. Steel cover plates are supplied to fill all opening and make container suitable for sea freight. Upon arrival at the new works site the container is unstuffed and reassembled.

Porta-Blast equipment is designed to be incorporated into the steel structures on site scaffolding and encapsulation to provide ventilation when blasting with expendable abrasives.
Alternatively the containers may be used to form the sides of a temporary blastroom or painting booth. Light weight fabric igloo type container shelters maybe suspended between the containers to form a spacious temporary blastroom or spray booth. The fabric igloo shelter may also be disassembled and loaded into container when relocation is required.

If a temporary blastroom can be built in this manner it is recommended steel grit (DuraGrit) is used as the blasting media. This tough angular abrasive is able to be recycled hundreds of times resulting in the lowest possible abrasive consumption cost per square meter.

The Porta-Blast combination ventilation-recovery container utilises the same TDF dust collector to provide the airflow for ventilation whilst blasting and the airflow required for abrasive recovery during abrasive clean up. Two reovery options are available: stationary sweep in recovery trough and portable recovery wand that is manually carried around to vacuum abrasive from the floor.

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