Abrasive recovery system blastroom

If you are currently blasting steel items with an expendable abrasive, ie mineral slags, garnet, silica sand etc, you can reduce your blast cleaning costs by as much as 75% by converting to blasting with DuraGrit steel grit. This tough angular abrasive can be recycled hundreds of times, resulting in minimal abrasive consumption per square meter.

Blast cleaning costs decrease as the number of times the abrasive can be recycled increases.

The key to cost savings achieved by using DuraGrit steel grit is the abrasive recovery and recycling system. In order to produce high quality blasted surfaces, and maximise the abrasive life, the abrasive must be thoroughly cleaned between blasting cycles to ensure only good, clean and correctly sized abrasive is returned to the blasting nozzle.

We offer a range of abrasive recovery and recycling systems including; TruGrit recovery floor, vacuum recovery units, pneumatic conveyors, cyclone reclaimers, bucket elevators and rotary grit cleaners. All systems can easily be configured to fit into an existing blasting chamber or shed converted into blasting chamber.

It is a fairly straight forward operation to convert a suitable enclosure into a blastroom. With the addition of an abrasive recovery system and a ventilation dust collector all the costs and environmental concerns associated with open blasting can be eliminated and cost savings can be realised by switching to recyclable DuraGrit steel grit.

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