Portable blastrooms

Our range of portable blastrooms allows the blasting facility to be brought to the work site location, rather than bringing the parts to a fixed location blastroom. This range of blastrooms is ideal for blasting and painting contractors performing project based work at various locations.

The portable blastroom is manufactured either as a custom built fabrication, or from a used 20 or 40 foot shipping container. The blasting chamber and machinery room, containing the blasting pots, dust collectors and abrasive recycling system, are separate units and the whole system is a bolt together design to allow it to be dismantled, transported and reassembled at other work sites. Larger blastrooms are built from smaller sections with each section having built in forklift lifting channels to permit easy movement.

All portable blastrooms are fully water proofed enabling them to be located outside regardless of the weather conditions. Rubber roll up doors and TDF dust collectors are incorporated to increase productivity and minimise floor space.
Several configurations of recovery floor are available to suit the blasting through-put requirements, ranging from a brush in pneumatic recovery hopper located at one end of the blastroom through to a full floor recovery system.

All floors are suitable for use with commonly available recyclable abrasives.

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