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Plastic media blasting (PMB) is ideal for a wide range of uses including paint removal, mold cleaning, deflashing and deburring and is suitable for the treatment of soft or delicate substrates i.e. aluminium, fibreglass and composites. Coatings can be removed layer by layer without damaging or etching the underlying surface. Plastic media blasting is commonly used on aerospace components which are inherently of high value. For this reason the blasting process must be tightly controlled to avoid blasting damage to valuable parts.

PMB is an environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective alternative to wet chemical stripping and significantly reduces the generation of hazardous waste.

Our PMB blastroom is designed and built specifically for the unique requirements of using plastic media as the blasting abrasive. Media recovery is accomplished with our P Series pneumatic conveying recovery floor to ensure no abrasive breakdown occurs during recovery.

Reusable plastic media is separated from dust and paint chips in a 4 stage high efficiency reclaim separator. This fully adjustable unit ensures only correctly sized and fully cleaned media is returned to the blasting pot. Precise abrasive metering permits micro adjustment to obtain the perfect abrasive flow rate. The blasting pressure is controllable from inside the blastroom, enabling the blasting operator to monitor and adjust the blasting parameters from inside the blastroom without having to stop blasting.

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