If you produce items from both carbon steel and stainless steel our dual abrasive blastroom maybe the perfect blastroom for you.

Carbon steel and stainless steel products cannot both be
blasted with the same abrasive as this would result in ferrous contamination on the stainless steel surface. Stainless steel must be blasted with an abrasive that will not contaminate the surface, ie glass and ceramic beads, garnet, aluminium oxide etc.

Instead of investing in two separate blastrooms our dual abrasive blastroom has been developed to offer a cheaper space saving option. This blastroom enables both carbon steel and stainless steel items to be blasted using two different blasting media in the same facility.

Change over from one abrasive type to the other is fully automatic and is achieved by the switch of a button.

The recovered abrasives are automatically separated into two separate storage hoppers ready for reuse. When steel abrasive is used the system ensures the steel grit does not become magnetised. The contamination of glass beads by steel grit has proven to be less than 0.1%.

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